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Audio engineer for perfect live sound

The all-inclusive package for live musicians

Audio engineer & Gear

Benefit from our passion for music, many years of experience in FoH engineering and the demand for uncompromising live sound - whether for corporate gigs, concerts or wedding celebrations.

Our audio engineers are true specialists in their field. Their mission is the perfect sound - on stage and in front of it.

No "Check-Check"... "Hey-Hey" - but perfect sound

Simplicity is our top priority! We know our equipment and know which buttons to press before the first instrument has even been played. As a performer, you benefit from short sound checks and have more time for the essentials - your grooves!

Relaxed at difficult acoustics

With our expertise, echoing rooms or arched cellars pose no challenge. We have the right material and a solution for every condition.

"d.lite has been looking after my various live music projects for five years. Whether it's a private party or a major event, d.lite is always a reliable partner, from the planning in advance to the smooth and competent realisation of the event, and will remain so for a long time to come."

Thomas (Tonarzt)

Event-Band Jukebusters

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  • Experienced audio engineer for the entire event
  • 6 Sennheiser EW-G4 wireless links
  • 6 in-ear channels (4 wireless)
  • Digital (rack) mixing console
  • Microphones for drum set and e-guitar
  • DIs and cables



  • As band package plus
  • PA system for a stage (up to 200 M² room size)
  • Wireless Multi-Room Sound



  • As band package plus
  • PA system for a second stage (up to 200 m² room size)
  • Digital mixer for a second stage
  • Microphones for second stage


optional zum Band-Package


  • Experienced lighting engineer
  • 4 X Movinglights
  • Blinder Bars
  • Stroboscope
  • 8 X LED PARs
  • DMX control

What’s in it?

Radio links from Sennheiser (ew500/2000)

We offer high-quality microphones from dynamic cardioid to double-diaphragm condenser for every situation

Your focus remains on music: whether presentation, videos, speeches or interludes, we take care of it.

No waste of space as we don't need a FOH desk.

WIFI and Internet for the band and your client is available even in the most remote areas thanks to our multi-WAN router.

Do your customers need AV technology? We take care of the planning and realisation.

In addition to the main PA, we also offer the possibility of spontaneously providing other locations with PA sound.

Sensibly distributed digital I/Os on the stage ensure fast patching and short set-up times


A craftsman is only as good as his tools...

That's why our audio engineers bring professional, high-quality gear with them. Everything from the microphone to the PA - we take care of everything to make your gig unforgettable.

As a musician, you benefit from top-class gear.

Do your smooth vocals deserve the best? How about a dual large diaphragm condenser microphone? Of course! ...with a radio link.

Only hand-picked microphones are used for the drum set - composed with our many years of practical experience in live audio engineering.

A clean stage sound is the essential thing for you: we specialise in in-ear monitoring. That's why we are happy to equip all musicians with suitable in-ear mixes (wired or wireless).

d.lite Event- und Medientechnik is responsible for the live sound of the geheime partyband. 

The band is often praised for their awesome and vibrant live sound. To be honest, however, the praise has to go directly to d.lite Event- und Medientechnik and the man behind it - Denny. He has control over the knobs and parameters of the digital mixing consoles and manages to conjure up dynamic sound fireworks in a class of their own. Crisp, dry bass, vivid mids and silky highs transform every song into a sonic highlight. This allows the band to concentrate fully on their performance, safe in the knowledge that the sound that reaches the audience is in the best hands. 

But it's not just professionally that our working relationship is beyond all doubt. Denny is also a real personal asset for every event and we don't know anyone who is more reliable, committed and careful. 

For us as a band, he is an absolute blessing and we hope that there will be many, many more events together in the future.

Danny (Agent D.)

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